The RenGard Dual Probe Digital Wireless Barbecue Cooking Thermometer RG-08 is considered one of the best meat thermometers to monitor BBQ, oven, and smoker temperatures. This thermometer is like a personal watch guard that allows personalized temperature settings.

Users can set an alarm clock and monitor both the oven and meat temperatures. The set comes with a large LCD display presenting visual temperature readings. Users are now able to gauge the exact condition of their food item without opening the oven door.

Simple instructions are provided to set the oven temperature and to adopt other handy features provided with this wireless cooking thermometer. There is no need to worry about probes getting burnt out or losing shape, as this RenGard Dual Probe Digital thermometer can work at high temperatures up to 572° Fahrenheit.

Certified by CE and FCC, this thermometer is also approved for use by the FDA and ROHS. RenGard guarantees a high quality product and backs it up with a one-year warranty. It comes with two probes. One is a 6 ½-inch food-grade stainless steel probe that is ideal for barbecue settings, and the other is a 3-inch stainless steel probe to monitor temperatures of food items kept in the BBQ/oven.

A large backlit LCD display allows users to monitor temperature readings from a distance with great ease. Complete remote adjustments can be made from a distance of nearly 300 feet.

Added protection is provided to these robust stainless steel leaders by including them in a rubber sleeve case. Individual settings are ideal for precision-cooking enthusiasts who like to set their own temperatures. Precautionary measures in the form of alarms can be initiated to remain within the specified temperature settings.

The settings are saved in memory and do not erase even without power. Users will find the same readings stored in memory. So once the steak temperature is set to rare, medium, or well done, these settings remain in memory and can be adjusted as required. The RG-08 is a no-risk meat thermometer backed by a reasonable one-year warranty.


  • Comes as a compact 6.4 x 6 x 2.4″ meat thermometer
  • Weighs around 11.2 ounces
  • Offered by the reputed RenGard brand
  • Comes with a 6 ½-inch probe for barbecue and 3-inch probe for BBQ and oven
  • Has a large backlit LCD display with clearly visible temperature readings
  • Offers stainless steel needles with rubber sleeve cases
  • Designed to work on remote from a distance of 300 feet
  • Has an accurate countdown and up timer
  • Allows personalized temperature settings
  • Comes with dual probes that can be operated simultaneously
  • Has probe needles that can penetrate meat to ensure optimum cooking temperatures
  • Designed to accommodate broader temperature spans up to 572° Fahrenheit
  • Offered with a year-long warranty
  • Backed by CE/FCC certificates and approved by FDA/ROHS
  • Enables personalized settings for different cooking levels


  • Can be set up easily with personalized settings by following included instructions
  • Oven and meat temperatures are clearly indicated
  • Removes guesswork involved in setting temperatures even up to 572° Fahrenheit
  • Certified by CE and FCC
  • Approved for use by the FDA and ROHS
  • Comes with a one-year warranty, so the quality is guaranteed
  • Allows users to set a series of alarms and countdowns
  • Offered as a remote-controlled thermometer for complete hands-off cooking
  • Comes with a large LCD display to closely monitor the condition of the food


  • Battery life is not guaranteed, so users may have to replace them with new ones
  • Clip tends to come off at the back


The RenGard Dual Probe Digital Wireless Barbecue Cooking Thermometer RG-08 is one of those personalized meat thermometers that allows users to set and monitor both meat and oven temperatures with real-time readings. An alarm can be set to prevent drastic temperature changes.

Adjustments can be made from a remote location even 300 feet away from the cooking device, which is a great feature. The tenacious probes can withstand temperatures up to 572° Fahrenheit, so very little can go wrong in setting cooking temperatures. Users have the flexibility to set temperatures once and store them in memory for future use.

As this product is certified by the FCC and CE, quality is guaranteed. It has been approved by the FDA, and the company backs this product with a one-year warranty.

Put on your oven, set the desired temperature for a specific meat product just once, save it in memory, then use it repeatedly without having to make any adjustments. This is a highly reliable product that can be used to accurately sustain temperatures needed to cook steak just the way you like it.