Summer is fast approaching, and in a couple of months, you, together with your family and friends will probably go to the backyard for some grilling session. Yes sure, grilling is an easy thing to do.

However, needless to say, that you need to consider a lot of things when grilling. One of the things you need to factor in is to ensure that the meat is grilled and cooked properly and at the perfect temperature. Well, to do just that, what you need to have is a meat thermometer.

The Different Types of Meat Thermometers

It has been a proven fact that meat thermometers are very important when it comes to grilling. This is because it helps you know if the meat is already cooked or grilled properly. The meat thermometer does this by checking the temperature of the meat, by sticking its probe into the inside of the meat. However, it is also important to know the several types of meat thermometers:

Digital Instant-Read Thermometers

Digital instant-read thermometers are the most popular kind of meat thermometers. This is because they can work well with different meat cuts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a thick-cut or a thin-cut meat. It will still be able to obtain the temperature accurately.

Dial Oven-Safe Thermometers

A dial oven-safe thermometer is the meat thermometer of choice if you are going to use it on a large meat cut. This is what you need to have if you will check the loins or roasts’ temperature.

Dial Instant-Read Thermometers

A dial instant-read thermometer is what you need if you are going to get the temperature of thin cuts of meats, such as burger patties or pork chops.

The Importance of Measuring the Temperature when Grilling

Temperature measurement is critical when you are grilling. This is because there is no accurate and precise way to tell if the meat that you are grilling is already cooked, aside from just checking it visually.

This helps in ensuring that the meat won’t be overcooked. These meat thermometers are also very useful in killing off the germs and pathogens that might still be present if the meat is undercooked. This gives you the security of eating clean grilled meat.

Know the Proper Timing

Using a meat thermometer is not just all about sticking it right into the meat. This is because the time that you are going to stick it in is crucial. It is highly recommended for you to put in the meat thermometer into the meat before the cooking process commences. This is to monitor the temperature changes closely.

It also helps in ensuring that its presented temperature is accurate. If you were to put the meat thermometer halfway during the cooking process, there is a tendency that the temperature reading might be lower or higher than the actual temperature.

Place it on the Meat’s Thickest Part

The meat thermometer should also be put in the right place. It is highly recommended for you to find the meat’s thickest part. This is where you are going to stick the meat thermometer. The thickest part of the meat is at its center.

You can stick it at least two inches right in the middle. However, if you are grilling a whole chicken or a turkey, you can put the meat thermometer in the area where the chicken thigh and breast meet, as it is the thickest part.

If you mistakenly put it on the part which isn’t the thickest one, there is a very high possibility that you are going to get inaccurate readings as it will also read the temperature of the environment of which it is in. You should also remember not to let the meat thermometer touch the bone of the meat. This is because it will give an exaggeratedly high temperature reading, knowing that the bone is hotter than the meat itself.

Leave for Consistency

There are two main types of meat thermometers. These are the oven-safe and the instant-read thermometers. If you have an oven-safe thermometer, you should see to it that you will be leaving the meat thermometer on the meat while it is grilling. This is to ensure that the temperature reading is continuous. This also helps in the accuracy of the temperature reading.

On the other hand, if you have your own instant-read thermometer, you can just stick or place the meat thermometer on the meat anytime you want. You just need to hold it and place the meat thermometer securely for about 15 to 20 seconds to get the temperature reading. However, other meat thermometers can accurately read the temperature for as little as only 5 to 8 seconds.

The 5-10 Degrees Rule

It is extremely important to remember that if you are grilling large cuts of meat, just like roasts, you should remove the meat from the grill if it has already reached around 5 to 10 degrees below your desired meat’s temperature. This is because the temperature of large-cut meats still rises even though it has already been removed from the grill.

This is the most common problem that most grillers experience. They usually forget that the meat still continues to cook even though it has already been removed (residual heat). Always remember it if you want to use these meat thermometers properly.


With all of these said, one can clearly see how important it is to use meat thermometers. It not only ensures that the meat that you are grilling is cooked properly. But it also sees to it that the meat is perfectly safe for eating.

In knowing how to properly use these meat thermometers when grilling, there is no reason for you not to enjoy your next backyard grilling session with your family and friends. Happy grilling, mate!