Although all smokers are fitted with a bi-metal dial thermometer, it is advised to install a better quality thermometer. Some of the reasons to do so are the fact that the handheld instant read bi-metal dial food thermometers usually take over 30 seconds for offering an accurate read. But the digital thermometers are capable of doing this in a matter of 1 to 6 seconds.

Moreover, these digital variants are far more précised in their readings. In a scenario where you are cooking without a good thermometer, it is like driving without the night headlights.

Hence, it is advised to invest some money on good thermometers so that you are not wasting the food you make in the future. I most such cases you will end up making excuses for the overcooked, undercooked or badly cooked food.

It is recommended to select a thermometer that comes with color shading indications about different smoking and cooking levels. This makes the process a lot more fun and easy to understand.

Hence, you will be well in control over the temperatures and can quickly understand the temperature with a mere glance at the thermometer. The tutorial below offers information about how one can permanently install a thermometer to the smoker.

It also discusses in details the advantages of installing them permanently and why one should be an option for a digital thermometer.

Why should you install a thermometer to your smoker?

In case you already have a thermometer installed on the smoker, then it’s good. However, if not then you need not worry about installing a new one. It is very simple to install a digital thermometer.

However, the reasons for installing a digital thermometer on the smoker include:

  • You end up cooking undercooked or overcooked food
  • Offers exact readings that indicates the level of doneness
  • Cook some tasty meat or favorite food with easy
  • Standard bi-metal dial food thermometers inside the smoker gives false impressions about the temperature
  • Easy and lightweight to use and carry wherever you want
  • Quick and accurate readings

How to install a thermometer in a Smoker?

Installing a thermometer in a smoker is pretty easy and doesn’t need expert skills. The steps are plain and simple that can be followed by one and all. In order to install the digital thermometers in a smoker one needs to follow the simple steps discussed below:

Step 1

Drill a hole on the sides of the smoker. The hole needs to be large enough to insert the threaded part of the stem of the thermometer.

This whole needs to be positioned at least 2 to 3 inches above the cooking grate. Placing the thermometer at the top level of the smoker is essentially what should be done.

Step 2

Secondly just insert the gauge inside and tighten the nut down from the inside of the barrel. Here the temperature gauge or the thermometer should be placed at least one inch below the lowest cooking grate.

Step 3

Now you need to check that the temperature gauge probes bolt up correctly after you have drilled the hole. For instance drilling a ¾ inch hole from the gauge having a 3 inch dial face with a 13/16 thread and nut would be the best idea when it comes to measurements.

Make sure you use ¾ inch washer both inside and outside the gauge to enhance the aspect of stability. However, these measurements would usually vary based on the size of the temperature gauges that is there for the barrel.

Step 4

Now attach the thermometer in a manner that it is attached permanently to the smoker. This will ensure that you do not misplace it and its kept right where you need it when using the smoker.

Now that is all that needs to be done. You are set to use the new thermometer for controlling the temperature of the smoker when you cook the perfect beef brisket or beautiful pork ribs for your friends and family.

In case you regularly barbeque and smoke food, it is important that you have this digital thermometer ready to be used instantly. Make sure you have the fire burning low and slow to ensure you prepare some mouthwatering treats for your loved ones.

Selecting the best thermometers and advantages of installing them on smokers

Choosing the right thermometer is not an expensive proposition. There are a wide range of good quality thermometers that are available at a price below $20.

While many of these are mainly intended for being used with stick burners and gas grills, they would work equally well with the barrel smoker. Besides being permanently attached to the smokers, they will never get misplaced over the time you use them.

Additionally, they will ensure that you have a better reading as it evaluates the temperatures from the air inside these smokers.

Another thing that makes these a great alternative is that they never get affected much by the surface temperatures of your smoker barrel. The reason behind this is the fact that the heat is sourced is primarily isolated from the charcoal basket.

Concluding Remarks

The thing that is clear here is that a temperature gauge or thermometer will always give a much better idea about the heat level inside the smoker. Hence, this will ensure that you maintain the required consistency when cooking your favorite foods.

Without these you would essentially be making rough estimations and rely on your guesswork to determine the doneness of the cooked food. Making errors and judging it wrong if the smoker is all ready to start cooking will have all the more chances.

But with these being installed you will be more inclined in trying out various new recipes and cooking them perfectly.

Therefore, if you are a regular user of a smoker and would love to add perfection to the food you prepare, it is the best idea to install a smoker thermometer.

However, while installing the effective tool, you should ensure that you have gone through the steps in details and understand whatever you are doing.