Are you a workaholic during the week and a grillaholic on week-ends? If your answer is yes, this definitely makes you a much-appreciated member of your family and an excellent friend.

But this also puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as you are the one who is to be blamed when the steak is not perfect for everyone! You might be worried about this when all your hungry friends have big expectations from your part.

Meat is the queen when it comes to any BBQ party. You never want the meat you cook to be undercooked or overcooked. You probably tried many recipes and made a lot of experiments just to obtain that perfect savor!

You don’t have to be worried from now on because there is a simple solution to impress your guests with your steak. You should try Grillaholic BBQ Thermometer, which will offer you a big support in cooking the best meat ever.

Grillaholic BBQ Thermometer is a digital wireless remote thermometer which will monitor the internal temperature of the meat. Besides being very accurate, you will have a great time with your friends because you can relax and just wait for the alarm to let you know when the steak is ready.



  • You can program your thermometer for various meat types, such as beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey. The utensil is pre-programmed with these 6 meat types.
  • It has 4 taste settings for all the tastes: well done, medium, medium rare, rare or set custom target temperatures.
  • The alarm notification announces you when timer ends or the desired temperature is reached.
  • Kitchen timer counts up or down.
  • There is extra visibility due to the built in LED light incorporated.
  • You can hang the remote on your belt, pocket, or apron using the clip on back of the remote.
  • The thermometer can be used with smokers, grills, ovens, and foods.


  • High-precision digital food thermometer.
  • Easy to use (oven-like temperature control).
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • It works with different ranges of temperatures: 14°F – 482°F or 10°C – 250°C.
  • There is a display both in °F or °C.
  • It works very well in the oven too.
  • 5-inch probe and 48-inch probe cable.


  • You need 4 AAA batteries to keep your tool working.
  • You have to be very careful not to keep the base or remote unit near the heat.
  • It is very important to consider not exposing probe wire to open flames.
  • The base unit and remote are not waterproof or dishwasher safe.


With this digital wireless remote thermometer, you can monitor the internal temperature of your meat from the comfort of your couch. Or, as mentioned before, you can talk with your guests and enjoy the party with them.

You won’t be the one who misses all the jokes and fun because you have to watch after the steak to be perfectly done. You can relax and wait for the alarm to tell you when your food is ready.

You can offer to your guests the perfect steak they expect. You’ll have well-done meat for those who want it like this or rare for other tastes.

You will avoid over cooking or serve the food undercooked. Your family and friends will appreciate you for the perfect taste, proper temperature, and of course, for the amazing flavor of your meals.

You may grill even when you are watching your favorite TV show or you spend the time playing with your kids. This kitchen utensil is very easy to be used and it will improve your work substantially.


Grillaholics GR-510 BBQ Thermometer undoubtedly stands out as the best valued product. It`s sure one of the famous BBQ products available in the market today, as well as The DigiQ by BBQ Guru.

They are both very versatile products and they do their work very well, helping you a lot in the kitchen.

However, if compared, for example the DigiQ by BBQ Guru, which also helps you solve 2 common problems, trying to achieve a stable temperature in your cooker and accurately measuring your meat’s internal temperature, the Grillaholics GR-510 BBQ Thermometer is smaller, easier to be used and less expensive.

You can be benefitted from using Grillaholics GR-510 BBQ Thermometer anytime and anywhere as you can take it with you when having a BBQ party with your friends. And if you want to teach others to use it, it won’t be a difficult job, as all the instructions are very easy to be followed.

Your friends will be glad to “play” with it even once and you can be their perfect teacher because once you use Grillaholics GR-510 BBQ Thermometer for one time, you will know how to deal with it without reading the instructions again.


Grillaholic BBQ Thermometer helps you a lot in the chicken and you will be considered the best chef in your family and among your friends. It is a very easy to be used and the best thing it does for you as a grillaholic is to offer you time to relax while the meat is being cooked.

You can enjoy your beer and chat with your guests without being stressed that you forget about the meat. You have fun and cook with pleasure and you share with your family and friends the tastiest steak you ever had or the most delicious BBQ ribs.

Just add some baked potatoes if you are not dieting and a fresh salad to your favorite meat and the success is guaranteed!

This thermometer is also a perfect gift for any other grillaholic. You will never fail to offer such a present for someone who loves BBQ.

And, of course, if your friends will have it too, you can be sure that you will benefit of a perfect steak whenever you are invited to a BBQ party. Adding this wireless meat thermometer to your kitchen utensils stock only makes your BBQ chef job easier and funnier.

And you will be one of the most inspired friends if you will consider offering Grillaholics GR-510 BBQ Thermometer as a gift when other grillaholics invite you to celebrate something special with them.