The Grill Kings Professional Barbecue Thermometer is the perfect BBQ thermometer that can be easily used for baking, grilling, and cooking. This set comes with two meat probes that can be adjusted to set accurate temperature levels.

Grill Kings has released a professional grilling device with Bluetooth technology compatible with a host of mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and iPhones. Users can easily download a BBQ app from the company website. It sounds an alert when food temperatures reach optimum levels.

The illuminated displays can be directly read from the gauge or through the app on your mobile phone. Updates can be easily installed on the move. Users also get up-to-date information on how different meat items are cooked.

Set oven temperatures may differ from the actual temperature of the meat. Both these temperatures are clearly indicated on its illuminated display. Insert the needle probe directly into your favorite food, set the required temperature, then let it cook perfectly without supervision.

The well-designed BBQ thermostat helps cook a range of meat products including ham, beef roast, and steak. This compact thermometer has presets to cook different kinds of meats and also comes with sophisticated alarm capabilities.

Once the optimal cooking temperature is reached, the smart thermometer will initiate an alert in the BBQ app. Foods like steak, chicken, pork, and beef roast are cooked precisely. The set has a silicone probe that can be safely used inside the oven.

It is dispatched as a nano thermometer that can be easily matched with the downloaded app in your mobile and then set for repeated use on the presets. Whether it’s a smoker, BBQ, or oven, precise cooking preferences can be set and monitored with a mobile phone.

Once it is set up, this wireless thermometer functions effortlessly and maintains accurate thermostat readings. Grill Kings encourages users to develop into master chefs with its highly-rated barbecue thermometer and backs its product with a 30-day full refund policy.


  • Has maximum functions fitted into this 7.9X5.5X1.8-inch thermometer
  • Weighs around 12 ounces
  • Comes from the renowned Grill Kings stable
  • Offers two meat probes for cooking, grilling, and baking devices
  • Allows download of a handy BBQ app to monitor the food temperature
  • Comes with Bluetooth technology compatible with Android and iPhone devices
  • Offers illuminated displays of precise meat and oven temperatures
  • Backed by a 100% Griller guarantee and a 30-day full refund policy
  • Allows adjustments to preset alarms
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest product information on your mobile


  • Can be set up easily with included instructions
  • Programmed and completed temperatures are clearly indicated
  • Removes guesswork involved in setting temperatures even up to 572° Fahrenheit
  • Measures and displays accurate oven internal temperatures
  • Sets off alarms conveniently on the mobile phone’s app
  • Allows illuminated displays on mobile phones for accurate readings
  • Offers two probes that can work in tandem at different temperatures
  • Comes with convenient probe cords that wrap up after use


  • Running Bluetooth limits the device’s remote control range
  • Comes with 2 probes, so 4 additional probes needed for the available six ports


The Grill Kings Professional Barbecue Thermometer is a top of the range BBQ thermometer that can be operated by Apple or Android mobiles with great accuracy. This makes it one of the leading meat thermometers capable of working with smart phones and other computerized Bluetooth devices.

Whether its steak, beef roast, or ham, this well-designed BBQ thermostat works accurately from even 300 feet away, so users can get alerts directly on their mobile phones without having to monitor the cooking process.

Other useful information regarding app updates and cooking processes keep buyers interested over the long term. Just download the highly versatile BBQ app, match it with this compact thermometer, then pre-reset any temperature with or without alarm to complete the auto-cooking process.

This high-quality and professional thermometer is also backed by a one-year warranty, so quality issues can be easily resolved. People regularly using apps on their phones will find the accurate app capable of providing highly accurate readings through an illuminated display.

All the settings are controlled by this app, and users can easily complete the cooking process without having to match preset levels with real-time internal temperatures. All in all, a great buy for hands-free grilling, cooking, and baking.