The Great Digital Meat Thermometer is one of those simple yet clever kitchen accessories that provide perfect cooking shortcuts. Whether you’re decided to cook your favorite dish in an indoor kitchen or outdoors on the BBQ or smoker, you have a handy tool that allows you to set your preferred temperature from among its 18 pre-programmed settings, fulfilling different kinds of cooking requirements.

Choose one setting for well-done chicken and other setting for medium-rare beef. Switch from a temperature gauge to standard timer, or switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, depending on your comfort level. This kit comes with a convenient 42-inch cable and 7-inch probe that can be programmed to temper chocolate, make a delicious dessert or candy. Digital readings allow users to monitor the cooking process. Set the alarm to go off at the required temperature. The program switches off on auto.

This kit is especially useful for cooking large chunks of meat. These meat pieces are rested for a reasonable period of time to allow cooking on the inside. Just set the temperature gauge to a few degrees below the recommended temperature.

Then remove these large pieces of meat from the BBQ or oven and allow them to cook naturally. Backed by a 100% no-question money-back guarantee, this digital meat thermometer offered by Clever Life is a quality product. Buyers can claim a refund for any manufacturing defect.

Here is a digital thermometer that allows users to set a wide range of temperatures and displays accurate digital readouts in the quickest possible time frame. Users have access to an updated touchscreen thermometer with different preset temperatures for different kinds of foodstuffs including beef and fish.

As a bonus, the company offers free temperature probes that can be safely used in an oven, candy, BBQ, smoker, grill, and in water. Get instant and accurate readings on the chef thermometer whether you deep fry, cook a steak, or barbecue a turkey. Use the standard timer setting on the temperature gauge to cook like a master chef. This product has been fully checked and works perfectly at all times.


  • Has dimensions of 3.5 X 1 X 3.5 inches
  • Weighs a manageable 3.4 ounces
  • Designed with an updated touchscreen thermometer programmed with 8 presets
  • Offers three stainless steel food-grade probes
  • Provides an accurate chef thermometer with instant readings
  • Has a built-in electronic timer
  • Offers a temperature gauge with programmable settings
  • Backed by a 100% no questions money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a useful 42-inch cable and 7-inch probe
  • Offers clear digital readings with alarm settings
  • Programmed to work with a range of foodstuffs


  • Comes with a highly manageable thermometer that allows for perfect cooking
  • Has probes that can be directly inserted into meat pieces
  • Maintains the same accurate temperature levels even after several uses
  • Offers great value with multiple probes that can be used for different kinds of meats
  • Designed with a handy touch screen to set temperatures easily
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions resulting in perfect cooking solutions
  • Shipped free of cost and in time
  • Suited for large cooking requirements during festival time
  • Offers accurate temperature readings with its chef thermometer
  • Allows users to check temperatures without opening the oven


  • Has a power-saving touchscreen that goes dark after the program is set
  • Comes with a magnet that may fall off


The Great Digital Meat Thermometer is an indispensable and intelligent kitchen accessory that allows users to experience a seamless cooking experience without having to open the oven door to check if the cooking temperature was set properly.

This meat thermometer can be easily used indoors and outdoors. Attach it to your regular oven in the kitchen or pierce meat pieces with its 7-inch probe. Accurately monitor the temperature at which the meat cooks in your smoker or BBQ. Choose one among the 18 one-touch temperature settings. This is especially handy when you need an accurate temperature reading to cook medium-rare steak or well-done turkey.

The 42-inch cable is very useful and can be extended to accommodate different probing angles. The meat thermometer’s simple digital reading simplifies the cooking process. Check temperature readings at different times by just clicking on a button.

Quickly respond to changes if the alarm goes off. The company offers three different temperature probes. These are especially useful during festivals when different kinds of foodstuffs must be cooked at different temperatures. This versatile kitchen necessary has a chef thermometer for accurate readings while cooking, deep frying, or barbecue food – a good buy at the discounted price.