The Digital Meat Thermometer 2013Newestseller is a stylish digital cooking thermometer that works on remote 30 meters away from the BBQ or grill. Monitor the cooking temperature within the oven or outdoors from a remote location.

Once the desired temperature level for doneness is set, the unit takes over and sends an alert when the meat is cooked. Wireless settings are available for BBQ, roasting, kitchen cooking, and grilling with clear LCD displays.

This display is especially useful when grilling meat at nighttime. Temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with 8 different meat selections available for meats like turkey, veal, beef, fish, chicken, and lamb.

Preset temperatures for steak ensure meat is cooked exactly as per user requirements. For example, a medium rare temperature setting will vary slightly from a medium well setting with the transmitter beeping when optimum temperatures for cooking levels are achieved.

An added feature is the use of icons displaying the different kinds of meat in visual format. Users can simply press the record button, set the built-in timer, then initiate the program. The indicator light flashes when command signals are sent from the transmitter to the receiver.

On/off switches are available both on the transmitter and receiver. The sturdy thermometer also comes with a detachable stainless steel probe and a receiver belt clip. Some precautions must be taken to ensure temperature settings do not exceed 482°F, as the probe is likely to burn out at higher temperatures.

The remote function has a maximum range of 65 feet, after which it may not detect temperature. This item is shipped at heavily discounted prices during the holidays and festival season, so users can get a massive 65% discount on the product.


  • Designed as an extremely compact 4.7 x 2.4 x 1″ meat thermometer
  • Weighs just 6.4 ounces
  • Offered as a wireless remote digital meat/food/oven thermometer
  • Comes with a temperature sensor probe for grilling, kitchen cooking, roasting, and BBQ
  • Allows users to monitor the BBQ/grill temperature settings from 30 meters away
  • Designed to cook all kinds of meat
  • Has an LCD display screen with temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Comes with preset temperatures to ensure steak is cooked at the right temperature
  • Displays meat icons in a convenient visual format
  • Has a belt clip on the receiver
  • Delivered with a detachable stainless steel probe
  • Provided with on/off switches on transmitter and receiver
  • Comes with a flashing light to indicate signals between the transmitter and receiver


  • Comes with a well-written instruction pamphlet to set up the thermometer
  • Has handy wireless remote capability to monitor cooking processes from afar
  • Delivered with a useful countdown kitchen timer to prevent overcooking of food
  • Offers a long-lasting stainless-steel probe
  • Maintains accurate temperature levels throughout the cooking process
  • Sold at massive discount during festival periods
  • Comes with a secure belt clip at the back of the receiver to hold the batteries
  • Offers LCD readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius to help users


  • Does not come with recommended batteries
  • Displays inaccurate temperature readings at times
  • Indicates error codes after a few uses


The Digital Meat Thermometer 2013Newestseller is a highly presentable thermometer that does offer remote functions from a distance of 30 meters. A major advantage is the capability to measure temperatures with the help of a highly durable probe.

Precautions must be taken to ensure temperatures are not set about 482°F which is low as compared to some of the other meat thermometers available in the market. The product does not come with a warranty but is sold at massive discounts. Offered by one of the newest sellers, the product does not indicate the manufacturer’s label.

This item does have mixed reviews with its digital meat thermometer displaying a limited remote control range. It cannot be used in a closed oven, which is a major setback and will disappoint users who need to check the temperature at which the meat cooks within the oven.

Also, the probes must be protected from open flames. It does look nice and comes with a long cord and probe. Buyers can avail of some of its special features and choose to buy this product whenever it is offered at highly discounted prices. With so many other digital meat thermometers on offer in the market, this product can be avoided at its normal listed price.