So, you have invited friends over for an afternoon barbecue and want to impress them with your grilling skills? You may have the best ingredients, buy the tenderest of meat slices, design the best recipes, but if the grilling method goes wrong, well…your mouth watering recipe may just come to naught.

Ever wondered what the chef at your favorite barbecue joint uses to produce that perfect sirloin steak that you simply can’t have enough of? Wonder no more, for we are ready to give their little secret away.

First things first. What makes barbecue meets prone to undercooking, uneven cooking or worse still, charring?

The answer lies in unregulated temperatures. Most grills have fluctuating temperatures which vary when the grill door is opened and closed while checking the progress of the meat.

This interferes with both the grill and the meat temperature thus the quality of the meat. For this reason, there has to be a mechanism for temperature control, which will deal with such fluctuations. This is where the BBQ Guru Temperature Control comes in.

This superb temperature control unit regulates the temperature of both your grill and the meat, thus giving you just the perfect grill. It ensures that the cooking temperature remains consistent throughout the process and even alerts you immediately your food is ready.

Below we explore some of the features of this incredible device that you will have to own if you need those sumptuous grills at home.


  • High-precision food thermometer that continually monitors the food temperature.
  • Easy to operate; simply hook it up on the grill and set the cooker temperature.
  • A bright LED screens display that shows you the temperature so you can monitor if the settings are correct.
  • An alarm with adjustable volume that alerts you when the food is ready.
  • Can cook up to high temperatures of 500°F (260°C) to cater for the toughest cuts.
  • Operates on the standard 100-240VAC or 12VDC for portable use.
  • Has an ‘Open-Lid Detect’ feature that detects when the dome is open.
  • An adaptive control system for better accuracy and stability.
  • The rust-free aluminum control box, for durability.
  • Ramp down feature that automatically lowers the temperature when the food is ready.
  • Made in the USA to the expected standards.


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Has temperature controls for both the grill and the meat thus assuring you off well-cooked meat.
  • The display screen lets you know the progress of your food.
  • The open lid detector helps you know when the lid is open so you can close it to prevent the temperature fluctuation.
  • The automatic temperature adjustments eliminate the need to keep opening the grill to check on the progress. This ensures consistent temperature supply that cooks food well.
  • The ramp mode feature detects when the food is almost ready and automatically lowers the temperature to prevent it from overcooking or burning.


  • Limited warranty period.


The BBQ Guru is Temperature Control is certainly the best thing that ever happened to grills.  It comes with this temperature control mechanism that is quite revolutionary and assures you of a perfect grill all the time.

One of the biggest challenges of the traditional grill has been the issue of temperature fluctuations. This arises out of the need to check on the progress of the meat so you’d keep on opening and closing the dome.

This gives rise to uneven temperatures in that when you open the dome, the internal temperature reduces, and it takes some time for it to adjust when the lid is closed.

This affects not only the cooking time but also the evenness of the meat. The BBQ Guru eliminates the need to keep opening the lids since it monitors and regulates the temperature (of both the grill and the meat) thus assuring you of evenly cooked meat.

And then the ramp down feature ensures the temperature is reduced just as the meat is about to get ready, thereby ensuring that it does not overcook. And when the food is ready, the alarm goes off so you can remove it before it burns.

Comparison with the Grillaholics BBQ Thermometer

Let us compare the BBQ Guru with the other grill temperature monitor in the market, specifically the Grillaholics BBQ Thermometer. Just like The BBQ Guru, the Grillaholics BBQ thermometer can also be fitted on grills to monitor and regulate the grill temperature.

Moreover, they are portable and quite easy to operate. Then they both have LED screens that display the temperatures and an alarm that alerts you when the food is ready.

There are some basic differences between these two grilling gadgets, though. For one whereas, the BBQ Guru is made in the USA, the Grillaholics BBQ thermometer is China made.

Secondly, the BBQ Guru is codeless and has to be attached on to the grill while the Grillaholics BBQ thermometer can be remotely controlled. The Grillaholics BBQ Thermometer is battery operated whereas the BBQ Guru runs on the mains supply.

When it comes to the pricing, the BBQ Guru is more expensive than the Grillaholics BBQ Thermometer, most likely due to its more stable features and longevity.


Barbecuing is definitely one of the most enjoyable pastimes when you want to entertain family and friends. It is important to get it just right by selecting the best grills.

However, to ensure a mouthwatering meal that will leave everyone asking for more get the best gadgets that will help you achieve the most desirable results.

This is none other than the best grill regulator in the market- the BBQ Guru Temperature control. For its ability to get the temperature settings correct, thus ensuring that the meat is neither undercooked nor overcooked, we love it.

And the fact that it alerts you just when the meal is ready, thus enabling you to time yourself well, we highly recommend it. Though the price may be a little steep, you rest assured that you are buying a high-quality gadget that will cut down your trips to the eateries and encourage you to spend more time with family and friends. What more would you ask for?