If you’re a steak lover, you’d probably poke at the meat several times to make sure it’s done exactly as you want it. However, there is a better way to ensure the meat retains its flavor and smoky taste without guesswork. You need the best digital thermometer for smokers to get it right the first time. This is probably the secret of some of the best chefs out there.

Get an Instant-Read Thermometer

One of the most important aspects of cooking meat is to check the internal temperature of whatever you’re smoking. Gather accurate digital readings instantly to make delicate changes in the cooking program.

Usually, the probe is inserted into the thickest part of the meat and relays readings to the digital display. It must happen in real time to help users arrive at the required cooking temperature. The process must be simple for both beginners as well as experts.

The level of accuracy is dictated by how well the meat is cooked once you slice it open. This must be done at the end of the cooking program to avoid losing the essential juices and flavor of the meat. In other words, you have just one chance to smoke food just the way you like it.

Another important feature with a good digital thermometer is that its head can swivel around 180 degrees from its original position. If the radiated heat catches you in one direction, simply rotate the head of the digital thermometer to take readings from another angle.

Opt For Auto Features

The best digital thermometer for smokers should allow you to program and then forget about the cooking process until it is complete. This is possible by opting for auto features.

  • Go in for the auto shut-off feature. The thermometer is set to reach a specific temperature. The auto shut-off feature then ensures it goes off within 15 minutes of reaching the temperature. This way, the battery lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Choose an extensive temperature range. If you want your smoker to cook all kinds of meat perfectly, a thermometer with a wider temperature range is needed. The probe has to withstand high temperature without losing shape. Your digital gauge must record temperatures as high as 450° Fahrenheit accurately. You don’t need an error message or blur on the screen, which is likely to happen if you opt for a low-range thermometer.
  • Use the remote to cook food. A highly-accurate digital thermometer must also come with a remote feature that allows users to monitor the cooking process from a distance of nearly 300 feet and on complete auto. The food is cooked on low flame in the smoker, so the lengthy cooking process needs all the automation it can get.
  • Ensure readability with large LCD displays. Digital readings must be visible at a reasonable distance from the screen. Make sure you have a large digital LCD display, roughly 60% larger than the normal thermometer screen.
  • Choose an LCD display with a good backlight. Automation has made it possible for users to understand the cooking process in more detail. For instance, a digital display with a backlight may appear blue when the program starts, change to green when the cooking process is almost at the end, then turn red to alert users if the set temperature goes beyond limit.

Choose the Best Working Probe

Digital thermometers display ambient temperature readings as well as temperatures inside the meat, provided you have chosen the right working probes. What you need is an instant reading with the help of a probe that is long enough to penetrate the meat to its core and thin enough to ensure the meat does not leak its essential juices.

Good probes can extend to around 6.5 inches in length and passes through a safe, insulated sleeve that protects the user from catching the radiated heat. Pointed at the probing end, they can easily penetrate the meat without much effort.

Buy several probes designed to fulfil specific tasks. A well-written guide will highlight the steps to be taken with each probe. Users may also benefit from using several probes at the same time to cook layers of meat.

The best digital thermometer for smokers and lightweight and come with additional features like AAA battery support and capability to work with all sorts of cooking devices including grills, BBQs, and ovens.